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Corruption in Excel file restrict it to even open and this forbid you to access its data. This demands an urgent need of a device which can help you to access this database. Our Excel File Repair tool can fulfill this need as it provides a top notch qualitative Excel 2010 recovery letting you access your .xlsx files the way you did before corruption. This software has been devised to recover data from damaged MS XLSX files and is capable to repair severely damaged file as well. The best thing about this software is in spite of advance algorithms used in software its interface has been devised to be easy and thus can be handled by any type of users. This has been done considering the fact that this utility is used by every type of users and this issue can occur to any of them.

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Key Elements to Repair Excel Files

  • Speedy Recovery: This XLSX recovery tool has been integrated with technical programming which quickly extracts every detail from damaged spreadsheet and exports this recovered data to brand new healthy Excel file without wasting much of time. Thus there is no chance of corruption in new file and you can access this file without any error prompts.
  • Adept Software: Many reasons have been encountered which can damage Excel sheet such as; virus infection, sudden system shutdown, improper Excel application usage, etc. But our software is capable to tackle every type of corruption issues and delivers a top notch MS Excel 2007 repair mechanism covering all the data of text, diagrams, pie charts etc.
  • Preview of Text: Once you load the file software will itself show status of it being MS Office 2007 and above version, this is because this tool strictly works for Excel sheet belonging to MS Excel 2007 and above version. Then as soon as you load the file a clear preview of text part is displayed letting you view data of file helping you to avail one more facility for Excel File Repair Tool.

All Windows Version Supported

Don't worry even if you are using an advance version of Windows, this software tool supports all the versions of Windows OS from 2000 to 2008 providing recovery of Excel files belonging to MS Excel 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 version and thus without thinking much about whether your Operating System platform you can avail benefits of this Excel File Repair Software to acquire Excel 2010 Recovery.


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